About us and our Brethren in Bermuda and abroad...

Lodge Civil and Military, is No. 726 on the role of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.  We are are one of three lodges in Bermuda working under the Scottish Constitution.

As a result of an unusual administrative history Bermuda is fortunate to have lodges holding charters issued by Scottish, English and Irish Grand Lodges.  The history of Freemasonry in Bermuda dates from the late eighteenth century.  Bermuda boasts the earliest charter issued by the Grand Lodge of Scotland for a lodge outside of the British Isles and a charter from the United Grand Lodge of England from approximately the same time.  A state of open fraternal camaraderie exists between Freemasons in Bermuda and the side-by-side differences in ritual and membership are generally thought of as adding to the great and rich diversity of interest and understanding of the Craft.

There are twelve working lodges in Bermuda and an informative website exists that provides details and a schedule of meetings. It is available at the English Bermuda District Grand Lodge site or alternatively a schedule also exists at the Lodge of Friendship and Harmony website.

For our visitors - all lodges in Bermuda are pleased to welcome you.  Admission is by introduction or examination.  If you don't know a member of our lodge, please have have current documentation from your mother lodge and be prepared to undergo proper examination.

For those interested in joining the lodge - speak to a Mason who you know. He will be happy to introduce you. If you don't know anyone who is a Freemason feel free to contact our secretary at his link and he will be pleased to help you with your introduction and candidicy.

Bermudian lodges working under the Scottish Constitution

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