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All members of regular lodges are welcome to enjoy use of the private areas of our website. Next time our secretary reads his email he will (likely) approve your login ID.

If you are known in the Brotherhood in Bermuda - that's good enough for us. If we don't know you personally it's a small community and someone will know someone who can vouch for you.

Visitors, please come often and stay late!  To help us be comfortable with who you are, please email your contact details to our secretary.   Including a contact email for your own lodge secretary with your lodge number and an indication of which grand lodge granted its charter will make our life easier and will expedite our work.

Are you interested in Freemasonry and wanted to read more about it?  Maybe you just heard the phrase "ask one to be one"?  If so, mention that to our secretary in your email. We'll make sure your interest is cultivated and if you are serious, we'd be really pleased to help you with an application to be a member of our Lodge.

As every Entered Apprentice knows, we do have obligations to honour.  Trying and prooving all the members of our site will allow us to be comfortabe in our discussion forums and in posting articles that may inadvertently discuss the nature of our craft.

For formality and completeness sake it should be said that only the history, current and past Officers of the Lodge, contacts, photos, a role of Past Masters, the wording of our Charter and Dispensation and other such topics are discussed in the confidential area of our website.  There is no intention to disclose or discuss secrets of the craft. The merely curious should be aware that many aspects of freemasonry are publicly discussed on the world wide web in an informative and comprehensive manner. Sites referenced from these pages can provide a good and complete insight into Freemasonry.  This site does not seek to duplicate those efforts, it's simply an online site about Lodge Civil and Military.

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